Be Free From Evil Match

Giving up the thought of do not self
O! blessed think of your supreme self
Yourself is the one absolute bliss itself
No-self is complete pain itself 1.

You mix yourself with No-self
Thus try to indulge missing yourself
So you have joy mixed with pain
Give up the attachment bliss you remain 2.

No-self is that which can be
thought seen
Yourself can neither be thought nor seen
Find out yourself you are
the one without second
If you want undisturbed bliss
I pray give up the second 3.

Giving up the second you are the real
In yourself O! think the second is unreal,
It is the true freedom sure I say,
None there to dispute yourself I pray 4.

Throw off your craving for sense
objects, poison it is
To think delight from others never
put you at ease
Image of death it is that identification
with unreal
Detached with it you are ever
immortal bliss the real 5.

You are apart from body the dirt
The sensual pleasures attach you with dirt
You are far away from the minds sensual catch
O ! think yourself and be free from evil match 6.