Because Of Self

People and things are dear to any
As long as they serve interest
The very moment one is unhappy
Gives up all, so self is dearest 1

Not for body, body is dear
The body is dear for self
Not for senses, senses are dear
Senses are dear for self 2

Not for the mine, mind is dear
The mind is dear for self
Not for the life, life is dear
Life is dear for self 3

Not for objects, objects are dear
Objects are dear for self
Not for pleasure, pleasures are dear Pleasures are dear for self 4

Not for the wife, wife is dear
The wife is dear for self
Not for the child, child is dear
Child is dear for self 5

Not for the parents, parents are dear
Parents are dear for self
Not for relatives, relatives are dear Relatives are dear for self 6

Not for friends, friends are dear
Friends are dear for self
Not for castes, castes are dear
Castes are dear for self 7

All that this world contains
And the Religion, God, the preceptor
One loves for self maintenance
Know yourself is ever dearest. 8

Convenience is loved by all
Convenience creates delight
For the sake of self this all
The self causes most delight 9

As it is delightful, so we love
More delightful more be loved
In self we find highest love
Most delightful self so proved. 10

The infinite bliss know you are
The self residence is the goal of life
To achieve it worldly desires bar
Give up the thought of wealth and wife 11

He who frustrates the impression
He who has no selfish desires
He is only bound to salvation
Who is full with no desires. 12

Man of realisation sports with self
He takes pleasures there-in
He is constant bliss himself
Besides him, all is foreign. 13