Divine Light

Which lightens the world all
Which lightens the sun ball
Which lightens the full moon
That is you awake soon.1.
The eye which sees all
The mind which knows all
It is you that shines all
Oh I the shine of all.2.

All shining light is God
I am the lighter how it is old
The sun and moon light this all
How amI the lighter of all.3.

I see with eyes the whole
I know with mind the whol
How am I the lighter of these
Ohl I find strange it is. 4.

I gnorance it is, that you
know not yourself
Awake arise and stop not achieve yourself
To know yourself, is the goal of life
It gives the joy neither
wealth, nor wife. 5.

Excluding of you false is all
You are the shiner of earth and all
Including you, you find everything
Excluding you, you find nothing. 6.

What lightens you at day
At day the sun l say
What lights you at night
Star, moon, lantern light 7.

In absence of these
Tell me what it is
Darkness is there
No light is here. 8.

By which you know the darkness ?
By eyes I know the darkness.
Bye eyes i know light
So by eyes dark at night .9.

When eyes are shut what is the light?
Oh ! the mind I say my light.
When mind is gone which lightens you
There remain, who are you? 10.

Awaken Sir, I am the light
Which lightens all, I am the bright light
I light the whole but none me to light
That isI am which himself light. 11.

No body no mind
No fire no wind
No world it self
But I myself. 12.

I am the God by your grace
The self shining is my face
All that shines is the Gob
I am He now no odd. 13.

The end of self cannot be seen
Shiner is there if it be seen
Endless light that myself it is
The God shiner I am at ease. 14.