Divine Light

To seek for delight I tried much
But not found. The delight is such
What was at first most enchanting
That came at last most disgusting.

Mind delights at first to seize
After a while thinks of its release
Ever enchanting nothing I found
The mind I found foolishly bound.

Sensual Pleasure is the source of joy
But I found it a foolish toy
Its experience does not satisfy mind
There is some other which I cannot find.

Hope increases and makes want ample
Gives no calmness, it is sorrow’s temple
Evil calamities drive in groups

Sins are favoured with their troops.
Alas II say the sorry attachment
I say it is satan’s compartment
Sensual pleasure is hell itself

Mind still carries towards itself.
Wife and sons selfish I found
To their comforts they are bound
Be the body beauty itself
Alas! how dirty I find itself.

In none I find this all deceptive
To release Thou art the only relative
Disgusted I am the hopelessly bound
Show me the way which rather sound

Death frightens body weakening
Hopes are destroyed by its awakening
Tired I am in struggle of life
Find no comforts in the world’s strife.

He may be in palace or in hut
He may be in mountain or in mut
He may be a king or a beggar
With sensual pleasures a sorry figure.

Grace me Oh Lord! with enjoying truth
Tell me Oh Lord! which is the truth
Take me off from the deception
Let me know the sound solution.

There is one delight beyond the world
It cannot be felt by things of world
If you once know all becomes foolish
Sensual pleasures will then perish.

Divine delight is the only one
Free from pains where sorrows are none
What is the worry to feel it soon
Favour Oh! Lord! to get it soon.

It is not lighted by moon, sun and stars
To have it soon it is not far
If you will think you yourself it is
Give up all other and be at ease.