Eternal Bliss

In you lies the Supreme indeed
Never think of futile deed
Fountain of delight rises from you
To know not yourself is unfair to you.
You are indeed the eternal bliss
0! I pray to never miss 1.

What exists always that you are
Being one you are nothing you to mar. 2.

Absolute consciousness that shines ever
You are it is you absent never
You remain apart shining the al
Which does not shine that is this all .3.

Beyond the mind and all the senses
Beyond everything that seizes and guesses
It is thee that every being witness
Sure O! you are the only harmless. 4.

Thirst and hunger are not to you
Mind and senses are not to you
No earth and water verily you are
No fire, wind, no sky you are.5.

What seen and known is from you apart
Different are there which depart
You are never be death and birth
Sordid I say, all this earth. 6.