O! Mind

Ol mind you are the source of evil
To carve this body, you are a marble
On account of you the pain and worries
You are the produce of doubtful series. 1.

Mother of misleading you are O! mind
Because of you the real is hind
Ever false is favoured by yoou
Many a sin is committed by you. 2.

It is you that bar the rear delight
It is you that shut out the divine light
It is the cause of heaven and hell
It is you the constant sorrows bell 3.

Ruin some thought is say, your structure
Illusion of all, I say your feature
Sexual pleasure l say your food
To think I am body in your mood. 4.

Your are the fire that burns with passion
You are the foe that kills with caution
As a hypocrite kills his friend
So you mind, I say you well trained. 5.

About God O! mind! you know little
Confusion thy name you are every subtle
Generally you know not truth and purity
Almost you are endowed withs piritual poverty
Your devotee is blessed with oppressive cares 6.

His face is seen with falling tears
You decay one’s strength with warring passions
You make devoid of woeful cautions 7.

Your deep-felt doctrine is from God apart
Your follower is sorry with drooping heart
Your friend-ship surely despirits any
I found reckless bower so many. 8

You have sermons bait of beauty
O! you cruel
The fishlike men fell victim
to male or female
At the end alas l they find
repentance but of no use
Because of you they were at a
loss aptly choose. 9.

You have created the body, dirt, in the
infinite supreme bliss
You foolishly show the body, as the
only infinite supreme bliss
All creature is bound one to other,
thinking male or female itself
Love each other but awares not,
It is the supreme God itself.10

The variety of the world is your thinking
In the sound sleep neither you nor thinking
As in waking state and dream I find
Hence it is you the cause to one self bind. 11

Your rise is the rise of everything
Your setting the setting of everything
Your presence is the world’s foundation
Your absence 1 say the world’s liberation. 12

You have a God-gifted virtue O mind
It is for the liberation of mankind I find
One who serves you, to him you are unkind
One who masters you, to himn
you are most kind. 13.

One who masters you to him the salvation
One who serves you to him birth’s foundation
One who rules you, I say, is the
ruler of worlds
One that is ruled by you is say,
a slave to world. 14.

This creation is all on account of you
This appearance is all on account of you
Birth and death is on account of you
Liberty and bondage is on account of you. 15

How swiftest you are. O! Mind!
Like you I find no other kind
In second you travel the whole
Your swiftness is reckoned most in whole. 16

You are busy, O! mind! always
But most strange are your ways
Though you labour still of no use
Every-thing is barren and of foolish use. 17

You know not, O! mind I how to stay still
He is free from all who made you still
If you are made a minute still
Sure he recovers the Divine still. 18

None can rest for even an instant
Because of you all is labouring Constant
All are made to act by you
O! mischievous mind!
You that made all under bondage
So you unkind 19.

Though in you the all Ol mind
you show the all in outside
How you are the misleader Ol mind!
you are l thinkthe evil’s guide
You are bribed well by the
Satan world destroyer
That is why you are almost inclined
to the ways of destroyer 20.

Any one if tried to get rid
of you the deceiver
You try at your best not to be off
from you, the evils preserver
As it is said action and reaction
are equal and opposite
So is experienced in you also,
O! mind! the Divine self opposite. 21.

You are born of God the self supreme
But now you are against the self supreme
By the side of the devil you become plague
If you know the Real, no one
thinks you a plague. 22.

Give up the Satan’s friendship
and be the purest
See the world in you, lightened
With the light highest
Ignorance of the Genuine makes
you feel against God
It is but wrong and ruinous.
O! Mind! to stand against God 23.

Liberate all creatures, I say O Mind!
You are liberal, I say, be kind
Give up O! Mind! your worldly attitude
Take up I say the Spiritual attitude. 24.

God is omnipresent the generator
of all and all’s preserver
He the self shining, self Bliss. and
Atmighty, none to him
He is in all and all in Him never be misled
How pitiful you are, I see
O! Mind! having mislead. 25.

You have created shape in the shapeless
You have created name in the nameless
You have created action in the actionless
You have created thought in the
thoughtless God 26.

You are O! Mind!I say automatic
constant whirling chain
So many thoughts are the Iinks coming
Over and over in constant train
The speed is never withheld and
can be controlled by Divine man
It is almost impossible to be controlled,
say, by ordinary man. 27.

Knowing your wandering in foolish,
one who tries to make you calm
He is said to be extra-ordinary, he
dissolves you in the origin calmn
In the first origin self fulfilled and
the self Blessed one
He finds your rise foolish and by trance
of self-fulfilment becomes the one .28.

Your embodied thoughts are all foolish I say
Fear, caution, danger, right and day
You are seen as one at one time
And quite different at another time 29.

You are sprinkled with want and intention
You are destroyed with
U self-fulfilment and intention
Having known self shining supreme state
One can get rid of you and your state. 30.

How wonderful it is OI Mind ! to define you
You never appear and appearance
is laid by you
The world which is outward is felt in you
How can it be felt in you,
O !Mind ! where are you? 31

You are felt in body, but it is not true
The body itself in you it is true
If you do not exist how can be body seen
So in you lies the body and the 32.

world that is seen.
You live neither in world O! miraculous
mind! nor in this body
It is your creation, you are before,
you are beyond the world and body
Who are you O! Mind ! you are
neither world nor body
Where are you O! Mind ! when you are
not in world or body. 33.

When the world and body are abstracted
neOl Mind! from you
What is your shape Ol Mind! hoW are you?
Shapes are all in world so, there is no
shape in its absence
If you are shapeless O! Mind I what
to do with world’s presence. 34

Ol shapeless mind! you can never be
in contact with shape
Neither you have any shape noor
anything to do with shape
It is but your madness leave it off
and think never of shape
It is foolishly produced in you and
nothing exists off shape. 35

When I came to know myself beyond mina
From that time you are destroved O! d!
am now the one, thoughtless and ordless
am now the only true Bliss countless. 36.