One Self

(Oneness of self)

Sir, I find most strange it is
Knowing death, how man is at ease
Immortal self sure everywhere
So none possesses care and fear

Sir, I find most strange it is
How man exists in worldly worries
Sure every self is the Divine Delight
So gets comfort in misery fight.

Ignorance of the real that makes on sorry
When self is reckoned nothing to be sorry
God the truth is the Divine Delight
What worry and pain In this only light.

Which mind can know not
Which senses can seize not
Which thought can have not
The Bliss is itself now, worry not.

Which sun can reveal not
Which moon can light not
Which fire can show not

The Bliss-bright self now worry not
The self entire is the only one
Nothing is there to be shun and won
No death and birth, no pain and worry
No one and other, no gross and glory.

How we get relief O! Lord,
from this worldly anxiety
By knowing God the truth, the purest serene Almighty
How is God and how to know
Him grace me please. Infinite self shining Bliss is God,
Know I am the O! Wise.

By thinking how one can be the entire
Thinking as one became body the unfair
As one thinks so he becomes you say
Yes, right it is who told you nay.

Mere thinking will do you say
Tell me what is real I pray
Thinking perfect, mind becomes the same
There it loses difference and all

become its shining flame.