O! cross the chain of constant rebirth
In Ocean of desire, birth is a wave
One sets, second rises that is cycle of rebirth
As long as one is sensual to the birth he is slave. 1

Giving up the prior body second he gets an elegant
To a birth his past desireful deeds are the cause
Out of past intentional deeds the coming body to him elegant
Which body he gets so he becomes thus to a body past birth is the cause. 2

Some enter human womb, some enter other
Even one can enter what is stationary
Past actions mould in desire and desire in the body’s mother
According to his learning and passionate deeds thus turns the machinary. 3

Deeds give birth through attachment of fruits experienced
Well known it is and clear as we sow so we reap in verse
As one wakes up and does past day fixed deeds to be exprienced
So the birth awakening in next life and doing past fixed deeds in universe. 4

The deeds which cause birth experience Are not done in this life by recent born child
The deeds of past birth cause sufferance Otherwise nothing is experienced and no birth to the child. 5

Different minds, seats and different moulds
Show the past birth’s reference.
Action without fruit the past birth holds Deeds of past birth here cause difference. 6

Never identify self with the gross body and love it
Ever pure, is self verily the bliss the knowledge
The body is ever impure, disgusting, sorrowful, filthy but
Never hanker for the physical joy it is the birth’s bondage. 7

Shake off the stupid deep rooted thought of male or female
Body is inert, it can’t tell you anything of it
A fool by attachment thinks it male or female
Even in a dream Ah! you know, creates body and enjoys it. 8

Alas! it is the only cause that gives the birth
The sensual attachment of mind thinking of male or female
O! leave it the attachment and break down the chain of births
On account of very stupid conjugal contact your sorrow’s tail. 9

Love in fact the soul, it is bliss but you know not
You identify it with filthy body and desires to enjoy
Which you desire so you feel and have it, give up the thought
No birth to you, birth is to have body and physical joy. 10

Birth is penalty for improper use of love Discriminate body from the ever loving soul
If you love soul discriminating from sinful body
Be sure, O! no birth, distinct from body is the soul. 11

Mind moulds as it thinks, while leaving the body be sure
If it thinks of any body so it becomes, it the birth
Desire causes to have body when worldly things all use
As long as mind is mad of enjoyments folly to say no birth. 12

When the identity knot is perfectly released
When solely the seed of worldly desire burn
Then only the birth will cease
For salvation supreme self occupation requires. 13

Mortal is the body you are immortal
Know your-self and be aloof from birth
As long as you think yourself body, you are mortal
Know, the desire has worldly pleasures birth and death. 14

As the desire carries from one place to other in life
So after life also one body to other carrie desire
As long as you think yourself embodied, sure to be born in worldly strife
When you are the bliss, the entity, devoid of body and world, no birth O! wise!! 15

You may be mad of fame or wealth
You may be mad of beauty, son or wife
To give you birth all have enough strength Again you are thrown there in world’s strife. 16

As this body was in past days with many states
So your body in past births
As your body in this life would be in future, so you
Are born in future among many castes. 17

Death is like sound sleep, know O! you Well-blessed soul awakening states are births
In midst the dream, if the desireful thought of future body lasts
As the seed seems non-existing under ground and have again birth
So is the death and birth know the cycle of nature is evergoing. 18

Self ignorance engine causes many desire compartments and stands at the station of birth
Thus the carriage you find going on rules of sensual intentional deeds always full of loading. 19

Death differs slightly from usual sleep Body is corpse in death but common to both is forgetting
Know the absolute forgetfulness is death and sleep
Awakening is birth, dream the middle state, sleep the forgetting.