The One And The Many

In the beginning there was the
entity the self effulgent
Neither this world nor its absence
was there an object.
There was neither sky nor the
wind, fire, water and earth
There was the one Supreme alone
in its Supremacy. 1.

There was at the beginning
neither day nor night
Only there was the exalted bliss,
breathing calmly within self
No sun, moon, no star, there was
lit up its existence
It was shining with self, it
was infinity itself, 2.

There arose the miraculous power
and lightened thought to be many
The power constituting the effulgency
become multiformed
First the creator and his capacity
and the unity produced all
The world containing male or female
So came in existence. 3.

In world what is going is then
formed as if separated
As in cloth a fibre, so know in the
World the thought of many
Cotton-like is creator in world
the seed is power
As in the seed there exists the
invisible capacity, so is the Supreme 4.