The Self Salvation

Salutation to the lotus feet O! Lord !
I supplicate Thy holiness
Say decidedly who I am, O! Lord !
Favour me with kindness. 1.

Conscience ever you are, nobody I sav
Sure it is true believe in me,
never be misled
Doubts trouble me O! Lord !
Let me know I pray
I feel am body, you say,
“no, I am misled! “. 2.

How I am no body, O! l am
at a loss to know
Birth right it is to say
I am body I pray
lgnorance of the self causes
the birth of body
It is but delusion to think
I am body I say. 3.

OI tell me do you feel
your existence or not
Clear it is O! Lord! that I feel
the existence of myself
Who feels the self-existence that
you are the body not
Know you are the only nothing
is except of thyself. 4.

The body does not feel its
existence, you know
It is of gross material and
The body is made of food you know
Can you say the food is conscience ? 5..

Food is turned into many parts
Collection of these is body
To say “| nothing in parts
Collection of these offensive is body. 6.

Food never can be male or female
Food made body also like-wise
Folly it is to think male or female
Think I say deeply Ol wise. 7.

Do you find the body’s organs
feeling themselves
Clear it is, sir, they feel not
their existence
Apart from you are these
that feel not themselves
No male or female no body you are,
who feels self-existence. 8.

You are that, feeling self-existence
entity for ever
What is known that is different,
gross material cannot known
O! I pray to make me know the
self knowing existence for ever
It is you the self-consciousness.
you yourself can’t know. 9.

Do you say I am unreal and exist not
Consciousness knows not itself
being it is the one
Because it is itself none can
know, it is a pot
O ! you alone the real illuminating
all, the one. 10

O! you discriminate the real and unreal
It is different from you which is knou wn
Which is known is shovWn by you unreal
You are the self of efulgent,
Real cannot be known 11.

You are unknown to the senses and mind
You are apart from all that shone by vou
Body elements, senses and mind
Which is evershining, apart from
these, that is you. 12.

Foolish it is to fall in passion
Thinking that I am a male or female
You have neither form nor fashion
You are the Supreme no male or female. 13.

Think not of those all gross
You are the all potent-self
Give up the other illusion- all dress
You are the supreme knowledge itself. 14.

You have no shape, you are shapeless
You have no name, you are nameless
You have no action, you are actionless
You are entire the self countless. 15.

All shapes in this world is delusion
The other thought is God even illusion
To know the self in the only solution
It is only I say the self salvation. 16.