The Truth

Oh, world! an ideal life I mean to advise you
It is but truth, though it seems as impossible
You must lead this life to have bliss supreme
In the gloomy life of world it is the only light 1

Just as you think you become
Your mind moulds the doubt
If you think yourself certainly supreme
Sure you be the same no pain and pleasure. 2

If you think yourself sinner so you be
As you think, a sinner or pious so you become
If you think foolish you are a fool yourelf
Never you be body but become so know all. 3

Think your self shining bliss
The eternal infinite essence of world
The 1′ is referred to the supreme
Feel yourself as it is and be the truth. 4

Put yourself in the entire
Know the entity pervades all
Go on the routine in the path of knowledge
No pain and anxiety you bear. 5

O! fear not in this delusive life
No care there lies in it
Know how sublime the truth
There is all light and delight. 6

Think yourself without confusion
Love all knowing entity of self
Act without ego and the allurement
Trust in Supreme It is Salvation. 7