Universal Truth

Think yourself alone in this world
As one finds his body in mirror-house
Sure you are reflected through all shapes
The infinite supreme entity you are. 1

Think the pleasures of the sordid body futile
Ignorance it is to say the filthy body I am
Give up the thought of the world the sensual playground
Know yourself naturally apart from the evil. 2

If you think folly of physical contacts
Senses, mind the ego all you find futile
All illusion causes ignorance no doubt
Threefold state of life, even you find no use. 3

As the creation of body you find of no use
So the creation of this world even
The creator of body as well as world
In some rank will answer you no bliss 4

Having got rid of world and body
The thought and desire of both
Illuminating omnipotent you remain
Know the identity of God with yourself 5

Be not a slave of world but the master
The ever shining infinite truth
Be the shiner of world and lead life
I tell you thrice the universal truth it is. 6