Way Of Salvation

The path of duty lies nearest in self realising
But men seek for it in remote in physical actions
The work of duty lies in what is easiest
But men seek for it through difficult actions. 1

If duty leads you to Divine delight surely
Know it is self assertion for the self is Divine bliss
Greatest sin it is I say, not to aware of God’s entity
Arise, awake and stop not until you achieve the self. 2

Religious functions lead to duty
Religious goal is to know the self effulgent
To feel it all functions are bestowed
Know the omnipotent, all you have performed. 3

Fixed by nature let it be continued,
Think it a ladder it leads you to divine
The Supreme authority, the truth of truths
Never miss the pole of self light. 4

No religion it is that reveals not Divine
All religions took birth for the very sake
Never quarrel with one another stupidly
It is the royal way of salvation it is law. 5