World Is Dream

As you see a dream
So all things seen
As the dream is mind mould
State of awake even so told. 1.

In dream you find many
But all false and funny
While awake you find many
So all false and funny. 2.

In dream as the action is false
So while awake action is false
In dream you see all but show
So while awake all but show. 3.

In dream all bodies are made of mind
No difference from it whilce
awake you find
In dream this gross body lies immovable
The body of dream you find movable. 4.

Which shapes this all that is this mind
While awake or in dream the
same you find
If so which is thine and mine
Say this all, my mind’s sign 5.

No man or woman
No beast or human
No trees or hay
No night or day 6.

No earth nor water
No worst nor better
No fit nor unfit
No loss nor profit 7.

No fame and stain
No pleasure and pain
No mansion and cell
No heaven and hell 8.

It is the mind that creates all
Hence you find mind in all
All that you see is made of mind
The sun, moon, the fire and wind 9.

Mind supreme oreates the world
The same in short sees the world
In mirror you see all reflected
So in mind all is reflected 10.

Mind with its thinking made this all
So by thinking mind knows all
Think this all the minds creation
Know the cause of minds creation 11.

No other lights this mind that is but you
No distance is there between God and you
The only Supreme in self fulfilled
Sure you are the self fulfilled 12.