Worship Purity

Always pray lead, me to
real from unreal
From ignorance dark to self light
From the birth and death to
the one immortality
Favour me Oh, LordI and take
me in to your bliss. 1.

Worship purity straight forvwardness
Nonviolence, continence must be practised
Short but sweet must be your speech
A greeable, benificial, true and authorised. 2.

Serenity kindness, silent work,
self control
Honest motive, never expect
the good to be returned
Desire of fruits must not be
the goal of duty
Purifying deeds must be done
without suspicion. 3.

Be free from the notion of egoism indeed
Never be affected by good
or evil, be unaltered
Ever be identified with the
Supreme entity
Never mistake with body,
mind and action. 4.

True knowledge never see
differently embodied
There is the one indestructible
in all beings
Inseperable in the delusive
seperated forms
Deal with other with the intense
love of self entity.5.

Through the purity of food,
results the purity of mind
Through the purity of mind
results the self knowledge
Through the knowledge
one can attain the Supreme
Oh! know to attain Supreme
is the only goal of life. 6.

Be unattached completely in heart
Behave attached in best path outword ly
Deal life as an Actor in universe
Know well yourself is ever undisguised. 7.

Be pure outward as well as inward
By water you clean the outward filth
By trance you clean the inward filth
Purity is supreme, feel it as self. 8.