You Are The Everlasting Light

Do not say in doleful voice
life is full of sorrow
For the soul is ever bliss itself
that which none can borrow
Sure you are the same say
none differs from it
Believe in me and doubt never
nothing other to it. 1.
Futile action, fallse is world,
illusion all I say
You are the evershining light
in you no night and day
Rise of mind is a ray of light,
in it lies the whole
Immense Bliss that lights the mind,
sure you are soul. 2.

Eternal light infinite immortal
if you know thyself
Nothing besides that you find
you are bliss it-self
Every thought, sight and action
to you becomes a game
To live in world and deal with it
to you becomes a play. 3.

The light entire you are the all
which is known and seen
In foam and waves ocean it is
nothing other is seen
As the sun going along
the dark never found
So you are the shiner I say,
lit up the whole ground 4.