You Are The One

In the essence of existence
knowledge and delight
In the intimate supreme truth
being ever the one
Never exists the universe
in the supreme light
Which lights all is the only
self fulfilled one. 1.

In the one absolute supreme entity
Phantom is the conception of the universe
Whence can there be diversity
In the formless unchanged
absolute no universe,2

In the absence of concepts the
seer, seeing seen
Foolish it is to think so in the
entire supreme knowledge
To see in it the universe no seer
nothing can be seen
Hence in the one none can
have any knowledge 3.

The supreme bliss is one it can
never be manifold
Are two infinites and twvo
eternals possible ?
The supreme bliss is one folly
to think it manifold
In the absolute who is enjoyer,
enjoyment, enjoying all
impossible 4.

O! give up all this illusion
truth is ever one
It is no mind, senses body
and world in Divinity
Ever think of its non-duality,
say I am the one
Sure you are no mind, senses, body
and world but divinity 5.

As the sun being untouched with
shines, with his immense rays
So you unaffected shine all with
self say like feelings
You are the among all sure
as the sun among his rays.
What pain and diversity in yourself
bliss fulfeelings 6.