Your True Self

Do not say foolishly I’m the body
You must know yourself
Are you always aware of body?
If not the body is not yourself
You must be aware of yourself always
If not who knows your absence?
Knowing or not knowing you are the always,
One cannot know his absence

You know the body has birth and death,
You see the body and say it is mine,
Can one know his birth and date?
Can one see himself and say I am mine?

Body is corpse if not knowing,
Does the body know itself?
You find the body by your knowing,
You are the knowledge itself

Body is change itself,
It turns with many a state,
Can knower change itself?
Can he turn into many a state?

Body is disgusting you know,
Disgusting is given up sure,
You cannot be given up you know,
If you are given up who is to be sure

What is known of seven ingredients,
Do you say I’m seven?
If you’re known of seven ingredients,
O! say I’m seven.

If you say to the body I am,
Why don’t you say I am food?
If you don’t say the food I am,
Why don’t you mean the body is of food?

If you say the body I am,
Why don’t you say I’m the dirt?
If you say the dirt I am,
Why you try to clean the dirt?

Ignorance of self causes the body,
And it causes to say the body I am.
In sound sleep you are not aware of body,
Did you never say the body I am.10.

Thought of body dissolves in ignorance,
That ignorance you find in profound sleep.
Nobody, no sense, no ego, in that ignorance,
But it only remains in sound sleep. 11.

From ignorance all difference arises,
In it dissolves the all,
Neither ignorance in you nor which rises call my
You never dissolve As all. 12.

Yourself or your ignorance,
Ignorance has made this all.
You are knower of ignorance,
Knowledge itself not all. 13.

The everlasting knowledge you are,
Nothing is there that lights you in sleep.
From ignorance and its action
different you are,
Know you are the one lighter of ego
And ignorance in sleep. 14.

Nothing in you , you are apart from this,
All is going on by your ignorance,
Neither you adjust with nor you become this,
No world nothing misleading, no ignorance. 15

You and Your Body
You see in mirror and satisfy mind,
No part of body as face you find
why the face you find so clear?
If you know no worry you bear. 1.

There on face all organs you find.
By which you know the external kind.
For the inner light these are windows,
O! you say you are the light or windows. 2

Loving self light that reveals ( on face
is dearest,
Neither windows nor filthy coverings
to you are dearest,
The light by which the mind knowvs
that is yourself,
Its revelation through senses on
face satisfies yourself. 3.

Ol know the invisible light yourself,
Think always of it never aware of non-self.
You are the self-effulgent bliss,
Beware of even an instant never miss. 4.

Go through eyes inside seeking yourself,
Lol you are the even effulgent self,
Being the supreme entity or blissful self,
How funny to think this filthy
body yourself ! 5.