Who lights this all is I the self
None else I am, so know thyself
Self expansions that is the trance
For that this man-hood only a chance. 1

No worries and pains you have to bear
No want is here yourself the fair
Live in self that be and all
If not this life is a great fall 2

Never care for how to lead
The nature is bound to deed and guide
If you are the supreme how pleasant it is
Know thyself and be at ease. 3

Almighty’s faith sure wins all
Different from this causes to fall
The supreme authority graces devotee
To him no fear who believes in Almighty. 4

May the cruel death frown
God says with his gown
God himself dwells in heart
What can dare him however smart. 5

In you lies the omnipotent
Know yourself and be patient
Know the supreme what it is
Know yourself and be at ease. 6